Saturday, 28 January 2012

Creature comforts - Adorable Bracelet

This is just to cute for words. I got back from work this morning, I'm shattered and thought I'd post my little creation. It has a baby turtle, pig, mouse, duck and rabbit. All super adorable. I hope you do like this, took me a while to make. I've never been very good at making animals but the results are lovely. :)

Enjoy my little farmhouse friends, oh and how cute is that rainbow swirl bead! X


  1. So much cuteness in one bracelet! Loving the piggy the most. The rainbow swirl looks like it should have a stick to make a lolly out of it (yum yum) :D

  2. The stick broke :P Lollies are still a work in progress, I'm thinking of using cotton bud sticks but I am all out at the moment. x :)