Thursday, 26 January 2012

Chocolate Madness Bracelet & Earrings

Last night I spent all night dreaming in chocolate and decided to make a bracelet full of many chocolate treats! A girl just loves chocolates, so why would a girl not want one. I work in a Severe Learning Disability home and I have donated 1 chocolate bracelet, 1 Cake Bracelet, 1 Breakfast bracelet and one set of earrings to the hard working individuals their who try to make a difference in peoples lives. If you'd like your very own chocolate bracelet, you can purchase one from :) x


My husband tells me I'm to generous and I keep giving a way my jewellery, rather than attempting to sell it. Which is really what I would like to do in the future, that definitely seems a long way off, if I carry on giving my goodies away. LOL. Ah well I can't help it. I think it comes as a real surprise to people when they receive something for nothing. I often want to donate a lot of goodies to the people in my care but such is life they would try to eat them, so for now I give them tasty treats (real ones), pretty magazines and my free range services setting about to repair all their teddy bears and belongings should they get ruined. Bless their hearts, God willing, I pray they one day get better but I know this may never happen, so for now I do everything I can to make there lives as fulfilling as possible. x


  1. oh they look good enough to eat. It would be great if you could sell some, hand made jewelry always seems more special. x

  2. The actually look real. You could take a bite out of them. lol. Why don't you have a go at selling them. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  3. I thought the bottom earrings had a real base LOL. Took me a second glance to realise you wouldn't have findings coming out of a cake. You should definitely try to sell them! You'd do really well. Start off small then see how you go if you are unsure about selling your stuff.