Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Yummy Num Nums!

Okay, so today I have gone for an Interview, I am not desperate to change my job but I'm looking towards caring in the community. I think it went very well, ultimately, its nice for me to make the choice on what I wish to do.

So I haven't been up to anything crafty today but I have to go work tonight, so during my breaks, I'll have a nice chance to do some more crochet on my patchwork blanket.

I thought, I'd share with you some more real tasty creations, I've made recently. Including some 0 calorie fruit tarts! YUM! xxxxx

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  1. Just to say 'Hello' and I have joined your list of followers. Once you get into blogging you will have lots of fun and look forward to receiving complimentary comments on your achievements. I would love to see a 'Work in progress' pic of your patchwork quilt.