Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Liquorice Pendant

I have slept in til 3pm today as I have a nasty headache and have tried to get rid of it. :(

Its always hard to be creative when your under the weather, so I just went and made something very simple today. I detest Liquorice Alsorts but suffice to say they are just to good to pass up an opportunity to make something sweet as they do look divine as Jewellery.

I have just made this liquorice pendant, necklace not pictured in tow yet. I am thinking of making many mini liquorices to make up the chain. We'll see how it goes, as for now, I'm logging off. xx


  1. Always thought the bottled sweet idea was so cute! Lovely work.

  2. Thank You for your comment, I do love the mini sweet jar ideas. There awesome, always nice to have a go at something you love. x

  3. My OH loves liquorice allsorts above all other sweets so had he been a woman I would have treated him to that one. lol (Does that make sense?)

  4. Yes, It does, I could make a keyring :D LOL
    My OH has asked me to make him a keyring with all the Gaming Console controllers on it, quite a good idea I thought. x