Thursday, 10 May 2012

How to Make A Bolster Cushion - Quick and Easy

Despite my busy schedule, I have managed to do my first tutorial for you on how to make a lovely bolster cushions. They are absolutely fabulous and increasingly popular. I hope you like it and it makes sense. I don't have a brilliant camera, so I've had to make do with so so pictures.


Sewing Machine
Tape Measure

To start with decide the width you want your cushion to measure, mine is just under a metre in length each fabric piece has a 25cm width. Then take your various fabrics and measure 55cm's in length as shown.

I had 4 pieces measuring 55 x 25cm. Line up your fabrics in the order you want them to appear on your cushion and then sew a straight stitch for each length of fabric making sure that the pieces are back to back (as shown below)

Make sure you repeat the instructions for all your pieces of fabric depending on how much you want for your cushion. 

After you have joined all your fabric together, on each end fold the fabric over by 1.5cm and straight stitch with your sewing machine from top to the bottom.

Next: fold your fabric so that it is inside out and straight stitch the entire length of the fabric. Turn your fabric right side out and you should have a nice long tube.

Next: squeeze one end of your fabric to form a neat flower as picture below and pin into place. Hand sew this so that it holds. 

Next time to stuff. This is awkward due to the shape. Try to give the stuffing a real good beating before sealing and roll your bolster cushion like a rolling pin. Don't be afraid to beat it senseless to get it just how you want it. A tip is to take stuffing and place it where you can see there are gaps in your cushions to fill it properly. It should look something like this.

With the other end of the fabric repeat the method as above. Make another flower and pin and sew into place.

Give your cushion a good wack! Finally as a finishing touch I put some coordinating ribbon on the ends of my cushion and I am very happy with the results. I hope yours turns out nicely. I'm not very good with instructions but I thought I'd have a go. Hope you like it.

Friday, 4 May 2012


I've been super busy the last week, I finished 4 x 12 hours shifts in a row on Wednesday and today I am test running my first day as a domiciliary carer, which is very exciting. I also have been practicing my crochet, because frankly, I crochet like a small child. So here's how it's going, my tension is getting better but their is no way I can crochet to size yet.

I also have this cute little cross stitched butterfly to show you, I think it's beautiful and it only took  me 4 hours. I got it free with CrossStitcher magazine. Also some more news, I was thrilled to be contact by The World of Cross Stitch to feature in letters page and I also won a prize, I've got to wait till the 20th June though, boohoo. I'm to excited. x