Thursday, 26 April 2012

Quilting Temptation and Shoe Creations

I tried my hand at quilting yesterday and made this scrummy Cushion. I used Cath Kidstons Fabric and a felt square to make the heart in the centre. I've never used my machine before to applique something, so I decided to applique the heart to my cushion. I think the results came out surprisingly scrumptious. As this is a first attempt in many things, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I also whipped up the 9 square patchwork cushion with the free fabric from the Sew magazine this month. I am gradually getting a very tasty, comfy cushion sofa.

I've started a little unexpected project. I wanted to try to spice up my shoes. I've got a couple of pairs that are in need of love. Here's how it's going so far. I've got a fabulous idea to also make an oversize red bow and to attach this to the front of each shoe. I need to find the right needle, strong enough to stitch through the shoe. x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Fashion Passion (Desigual, Irregular Choice and Ness)

Everyone who has met me knows that I am a saucy eccentric dresser. I don't do normal! The bigger and brighter the better. I went out yesterday wearing this tangtastic outfit and felt that it was good enough to show off to you. A lot of people lack the courage in wearing bright and bold colours but I want people to be inspired to get out their tangerines and strawberries and spread a little colour and happiness in the world. I often get compliments that my dress sense lights up the room and brings a cheery smile to a gloomy world. Perhaps my outfits aren't to every ones taste but they suit me and my personality, which is what matters the most. I dress according to who I am, not according to what is in fashion, which is so over-rated. What's new in Vogue is next months history and for a normal everyday woman, you just can't afford to keep up with Fashion, so forget them and create your own.

The Shoes - Irregular Choice Flik Flaks
The Dress - Desigual
The Jacket - Ness
The Bracelet - Made by Me :) x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stitched for Love

I got a couple of scrummy pictures for you. The first is a project I started in January and I've just finished it off today. It was a gift for my husbands wedding Anniversary, instead of a traditional card. I made it with gorgeous Cath Kidston Strawberry Fabric and Laura Ashley Gingham. Super Scrummy, it's become more of a gift for me as it adorns my sofa. Love it.

Next: I had a wonderful package in the post today. I bought what I would define as perfect fabric, which includes some Tanya Whelan, Tilda and Amy Butlers scrummy designs. Which ones your favourite? Can you match designs to the designers. x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

I've got Mollie Makes Madness

I just picked up the new Mollie Makes magazine, and I was thoroughly happy with the cute little pooches on the front. I just adore them. I have all the wonderful magazines except Issue 1 and 3 :(
These are proving to be crazily expensive to purchase and I can't really afford to spend 30£ on one of these magazines. If you haven't been introduced to Mollie Makes, you are truely missing out. Here's a little glimpse of their gorgeous goodness so far. If you just love what you see you can find out more here --------------->

Oh and if their are any issues 1 and 3 out their that are reasonable, please contact me I would love a copy. x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Coton De Tulear cross Yorkshire Terrier (6 Months Old)

My family have been baby sitting this cute little baby dog (called Maxwell) and I've fallen utterly in love with him. I just had to go see him and love him. His fur is so soft it's like baby hair and he is so tiny, honestly the cutest dog ever. Pictures just not do him justice and he is so affectionate. My hubby has said I can have one when we move to a bigger house as we live in a flat now, so it wouldn't be fair to have pets who have no Garden. If you have never felt or seen this dog breed, then you haven't discovered the cutest and softest pups on the planet! He's a real life Teddy bear. x

Friday, 13 April 2012

Cushion Mad with Tanya Whelan Scrummy Fabric

I am falling in love with my sewing machine! Finally. My second cushion creation and this ones gorgeous purely because the fabric is like candy to a baby, for me that is. I also am enjoying making my Ribbon Flower Corsages as just a little extra sparkle for my tasty sofa treats. I need more ideas to pop into my head and I wish to get to grips with using an embroidery foot on my sewing machine, so I can freestyle sew! I'm so envious of those who can do it. Any tips? x

Monday, 9 April 2012

Scottie Dog Cushion

I've had a number of issues with my sewing machine recently and have been frightened of using it. So frightened that I have been hand sewing everything for the past year! My hubby and me sat about the task to figure out what was going wrong with it and alas it works better than it did. He even bought me a book for me to understand how to use my sewing machine better. I am really very awful at it and find it a very frightening machine.

So after twiddling, fiddling and threading, this is what I set about making. I had no real plan but to simply get to grips with my machine again. Which worked a treat and in the process I made an uber cute Patchwork cushion, with one little cute scottie dog and a pretty ribbon accessory. I think it looks lovely as an end result and considering it was just a mash up, it turned out rather well. Yippee!

Oh and a lovely tip to make the ribbon accessory! Take 5 - 8 lengths of ribbon (Dependant on thickness) all the same size and fold them over (So that the joins meet in the middle underneath), take one pin and prop your 1st folded ribbon on to your pin (Neat Side Up), repeat with the rest and adjust the angles according to how you want (Like a rotary clock). Once you have all your ribbons in position, place a button on top and sew together! :)