Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cross Stitch Giveaway :)

I thought I would do a little giveaway on my blog today! :)

The winner will receive
1x Magnetic Beefeater Cross Stitch Kit
1x Festive Tag Cross Stitch Kit
1x Reindeer Cake Banner Cross Stitch Kit

All you have to do is sign up as a follower on my blog and tell me what you think the best Cross Stitch Kit is available to buy today, I will look through all the selections and the one I choose to make will automatically win the prize. :) I'll PM the winner for their postage address.

The charts are all inside the magazines, which I don't wish to cut up, but they are available on the Cross Stitcher website.  You may wish to make your own little ideas up :) Have fun though :)

Closing Date is Monday 6th February at Midnight :) x


  1. All entries in comment box please :) x

  2. Great give away!

    I honestly believe that the very best kits out there are the ones you buy via places like etsy. Okay so they aren't so much kits, just the patterns, everything else you have to get yourself. However you know someone has taken the time to think the pattern through. That said I do have a super cool purple dragon under my book shelf that I picked up at hobby craft last year that is just waiting for my attention.

  3. Try these:

    Or just nip over to etsy, go to patterns, cross stitch and then browse away! Some very cool stuff there. They are nearly all sent using email but come with the legend you need for you colours etc.

  4. Wow they are cool. Seems your the only one who wants these ^_^ lol x

  5. Advertise on the Craft Forum and your facebook (even your personal one) I will advertise on my fb for you!

  6. Facebook is a great place to find all sorts of things. I didn't know about etsy or folksy before but check them out when on line now. Haven't done any of these for years but would love the opportunity to get back into it, and small ones like these are perfect.

  7. I'm loving Michael Powell designs at the moment! :) Just been browsing

  8. After much thought, I have decided to giveaway 4 x stitch kits and two will go to harms 9407 and the other 2 to Kat Shenton, so make sure you email me your address details. x