Sunday, 15 January 2012

Journey Begins

I've never blogged before in my life, nor have I ever been extremely apt for the Internet. Since getting married in February 2012, I have contracted the crafty bug virus and have been indulging in all things handmade. Nothing beats going into a fabric store full of Tanya Whelan and Rowans Amy Butler fabric. That is my kind of heaven, or perhaps on a different day of the week, I'm in love with various colours of polymer clay, or even on another day, Wool is my antidote. I'm new to the scene of handmade indulgences but oh how I love them. Since February I have learnt to Cross Stitch, Crochet and make the fantastic varieties of yummy beads from Polymer Clay. 

I am always looking for Inspiration, Ideas and Honest Hearted Opinions on how I can improve my crafting and of course Blogging, "Frankly" I am clueless. :) 

I thought I'd start by showing you a little something I've made for a friend of mine in November 2011, I'm a bit behind so, I'll gradually get through everything I've been up to and I would love and appreciate many tips. 

 A Cute Little Cross Stitched Door Hanger.

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