Thursday, 19 January 2012

Crochet's Patchwork, Candylicious!

So, I arrived back from work at 8am this morning after a 12 hour shift and have been snoozing till 3pm. Last night I continued on with make cute squares for my blanket, which are very pleasurable to make as you don't need to be 100% focused like some other crafts like Cross Stitch and at 3pm in the morning this is a God send because your brain functions like a dried out sponge. DO NOTE, I JUST LEARNT TO CROCHET A MONTH AGO, SO MY TENSION ISN'T PERFECT! x

I had a request to show my work in progress for my quilt, so I'd honour it. I think maybe I've confused the matter by saying quilt rather than blanket. I will make a patchwork quilt one of these days but that's another matter entirely after seeing the most amazing quilts at the festival of quilt, it will take something really special to poor my time into. My Grannies recently made 2 beautiful double, proper patchwork quilts out of Tanya Whelan fabric for one and Amy Butler for the other, I will ask her for some pics, as they are extremely scrumptious.

So here is my pictures, I've also attached photo's of this amazing tool that I've never used which is called a flower loom, I'm sure you may of heard of it but not me. I'm planning on making lots of dainty flowers out of pretty wools and attaching them to my blanket at random points. I hope the pics can show what I mean, I'm not the best photographer nor do I have an amazing camera. Bye for now, love to all during gloomy January and keep inspiring others with your crafts! x


  1. Thankyou for that. It is going to be lovely when finished. I did realise that you were crocheting squares, takes a lot of patience and time. Patchwork is quicker in some respects but both are very rewarding especially on a winters evening when you proudly wrap it around yourself. If you run out of bits of wool let me know I have a shed full. lol.

  2. I am already out of cream! :D
    I will have to pop to my local haberdashery, I had no idea how much you actually needed and I have to much of one colour. Your very kind :) x