Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cross Stitch Cottage and Polka Dot Frame

Okay so I started this just before I got married in 2011, I spent at least 6 hours a week on it but it slowly became tedious. I have never done a large scale cross stitch before, so thought it would be a good challenge, I finished this just before CHRISTMAS :)

However, I might just say I had some serious issues as I misplaced a piece of the chart and had to guess alot of the stitches, very professional, I know!

My problem is, I work nights and so I take my crafty pieces to work to do during the nights, it helps me keep alert, but I am always "ooming" and "aaahhhing" about what to transport my work in and in the process I might just end up losing a needle or 2, or even a whole page to my chart. Oh dear! I'm so ditzy at times, for example today I went to work for a meeting at 10am (in my mind), however, when I arrive I discover the meeting is at 2pm!!!!! Oh dear the jokes, I appear to be very keen or DISORGANISED is more likely the case.


  1. Hey jennifer, thanks for visiting my blog. Your stitching looks great, and it didn't take you too long. I have pieces of stitching I have been working on for years!
    I notice on your profile you live in Axminster, we holiday frequently in Charmouth and love it around that area.
    Ginnie x

  2. Thanks Ginnie :) for visiting my blog your the first! LOL

    Charmouth is beautiful, also Lyme Regis is a 5 minute drive from me, the sea is beautiful. I do love it here, after being a city girl previously. x

  3. I used to work nights too. In fact I hate working days now because I lose time to craft :( I used to take a clear zipper bag into work and the contents would change. If I wanted to do jewellery I would keep a check list of items needed and just keep them handy, same with felting or cross stitching. Over time when I had money, I would leave bits in a bag at work so if I did forget something I have extra there to fall back on!