Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Getting Organised and the winner is!

So recently, I have been gathering more and more crafty bits and I know for a fact I am spoilt rotten by my other half. So in return it is our anniversary coming up at the end of February and I have bought him a lovely stack of presents and it's so hard not to give them to him but I must wait. Anyway, so as I have got so many goodies and such a little house it was time to be proactive and make crafty storage. So here it is.

My Bead Storage System! :) I love Crystals

 My Scrummy Papers and Stamps, which I still haven't used! I have tons.

 Cross Stitch Chart Storage by Alphabet and Theme :) x
Scrummy Fimo in a Box 
Oh and my pretty magazine holder! Love it. I need more space it's crammed.

As, there were only 2 entries to my competition, I've decided both of them will receive 2 kits each. Shame really, I thought it was a lovely prize. Oh well, I'll do a competition at the beginning of each month. Maybe I'll find something more to the liking of people. x


  1. Wow. Soooo efficient. Puts me to shame. I did do a purge in my craftshed a week or so ago but I would not like to show it to you now.

  2. Hello from a new follower, I've just popped over from Kat's blog 'With U in Mind'

    Jan :)

  3. Welcome sweetie, love your artwork! X :)

  4. Great system - I love being organised but sadly it never seems to last!! I love the colours showing through the RU boxes - I would just want to look and play with them all!

    An early Happy Anniversary to you both too.

    Ali x

  5. YAY! Love the idea of splitting the gift! Totally cool. Thanks hun!

    In fairness I always say I will get organised... and never do! I'm terrible!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win! Emailing you now!

  6. :) Lovely. I'll do one each month x