Friday, 20 April 2012

Fashion Passion (Desigual, Irregular Choice and Ness)

Everyone who has met me knows that I am a saucy eccentric dresser. I don't do normal! The bigger and brighter the better. I went out yesterday wearing this tangtastic outfit and felt that it was good enough to show off to you. A lot of people lack the courage in wearing bright and bold colours but I want people to be inspired to get out their tangerines and strawberries and spread a little colour and happiness in the world. I often get compliments that my dress sense lights up the room and brings a cheery smile to a gloomy world. Perhaps my outfits aren't to every ones taste but they suit me and my personality, which is what matters the most. I dress according to who I am, not according to what is in fashion, which is so over-rated. What's new in Vogue is next months history and for a normal everyday woman, you just can't afford to keep up with Fashion, so forget them and create your own.

The Shoes - Irregular Choice Flik Flaks
The Dress - Desigual
The Jacket - Ness
The Bracelet - Made by Me :) x


  1. Love that dress! And Irregular Choice shoes are always a winner.

  2. Fantastic! You go girl. I am just like you. I dress for me not anyone else. I love wearing dresses over trousers, bright in your face colours/patterns and wearing my hair in silly styles (high messy buns manga style etc.)I'd hate to be a fashion clone. I have the same style in my crafting, sometimes I use colours together that clash and go completely against the rules, but it works.
    Love the tat! Colette xx:)